Durham Connects was a lifesaver for me. Two years ago, I had a very difficult birth and a nearly-ten-pound baby. I thought I was prepared for coming home but immediately felt anxious and clueless about many things. Not only did my Durham Connects nurse show me how to swaddle my baby and use a moby wrap, she also caught the fact that Z and I both had thrush and helped me understand the symptoms of mastitis (which were slowly coming on and, in fact, then did - that very night!). I loved that she came to me, because leaving the house with a newborn was very overwhelming those first few weeks. She made me feel like I was not alone and I also really appreciated knowing that I could call her back with any questions (and I did). Even though I have lots of local social support, this service was crucial to me. I often think about what it means for people who don't have as much local support, and it makes me love this organization even more. Thank you, Durham Connects!" - Janeen


"Durham Connects provides such an important service to our community.  Reaching out to new parents, especially first-time moms and their babies, is like providing a lifeline in some cases. It can make a lot of difference to the mom/primary caregiver, to feel supported and “not alone” in the community.

 This is my second child, and he was born 5 weeks early, so it was comforting to have the nurse come into our home and check up on us.  However, It is not just the baby’s welfare they are concerned about – they really reach out to the Mom and ask questions, to make sure that she is feeling well and is able to take care of herself, or get help from others, in those early weeks and months.”



Pediatrician, Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, was thrilled to have our nurse come to her home after the birth of her first child. She also promotes the program to her patients and others in the community. She is especially pleased that Durham Connects is offered in Spanish and English to serve her patients and other Latino parents in a culturally competent way. 


Pediatrician, Mary Braithwaite recently gave birth to twins. With a toddler at home already, this was quite a handful even for a pediatric professional. She was so happy to have someone ask about her and the babies and to offer breastfeeding support. 


Second-time mom, Pam Dardess, suffered from post-partum depression with her first child. She was thrilled that Durham Connects included a depression screen at 3 weeks postpartum with her second child, Maya. Pam is now a Durham Connects volunteer. 


Liz Lorduy received in-home visits with both of her children. She was especially worried about low birth weight with her baby Lizbeth. Our nurse Rosalia was able to communicate in Spanish, Liz's first language, creating a much more comfortable environment for Liz. Rosalia also made sure the family was aware of all the community resources available to them. Liz now volunteers with Durham Connects too. 


Shannon Nelson is a first time mom. She needed a little extra support breastfeeding baby Koen and understanding newborn sleep patterns. Our nurse Linda answered her questions and offered a listening ear to let Shannon know she was doing a great job!