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Durham Connects

411 West Chapel Hill Streeet
Durham, NC 27701


Durham Connects provides in-home nurse visits to parents of newborns that live in Durham County.

Durham Connects' mission is to increase child well-being by supporting parents through community resources.



Durham Connects provides in-home nurse visits free of charge to ALL parents of newborns in Durham County, NC.

Durham Connects support takes many forms. Our registered nurses always provide a weight and health check for baby and make sure the mother is recovering well from childbirth. Some families may also benefit from breastfeeding assistance, child care selection help, finding financial resources, parenting classes, help identifying and coping with postpartum depression, dealing with social isolation or new family dynamics, and many other issues. Durham Connects nurses and staff are experts in supporting families of newborns with resources right here in our community.

Durham Connects brings FamiliesCommunity Agencies, and Healthcare Providers together to give babies the best environment for growth. Durham Connects nurtures this growth by visiting parents and babies in their own homes and connecting them with community supports.

Durham Connects' mission is to increase child well-being by bridging the gap between parent needs and community resources.

Durham Connects nurses visit parents of newborns to:

  • Celebrate
  • Support
  • Connect
  • Follow-up

Durham Connects is program of the Center for Child & Family Health in partnership with The Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University, The Department of Social Services, and the Durham County Health Department. The Department of Social Services provides a coordinator to make follow up home visits to parents needing social services. We are thankful to The Duke Endowment and Durham County for funding Durham Connects.