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Durham Connects' mission is to increase child well-being by bridging the gap between parent needs and community resources.



I had my son about 5 weeks ago.  The delivery was smooth but the feeding process was quite challenging.  We had many issues with baby's weight loss, improper latch-on, sore and cracked nipples, and mastitis which required exhausting visits to the doctor's.  In the mean time, it took my family some time to adapt to the new life with a newborn and to offer the support we needed.  Linda was such a great listener to all my problems during her two visits, once at 3rd week, and a follow-up at one month.  She came to our house with a well organized binder with rich information about resources available around the area that would be helpful.  She also brought with her a survey for me to fill to probe specific areas of concern where help could be offered.

We talked about postpartum blue, local breastfeeding support groups, lactation consultants, and many other topics that I didn't have time to discuss in the hospital or at the doctor's office.  She observed my feeding and gave great suggestions.  She even brought a gift bag with goodies such as a library card, dipers, a story book, and a thermometer.  At the end of each visit we weighed my baby to check up on his growth, which was reassuring that all our efforts were effective.  It was a great relief knowing someone both warm-hearted and professional like Linda is there when I needed them, especially that they are willing to reach out to visit our home.  Durham Connects is a program special to my heart that I would strongly recommend to all new moms who are overwhelmed with the new life brought by the baby.